The LARM Double Rifle, just holding one of these classical rifles elicits dreams of adventure and great legendary safaris. Our Double Rifles have been tested for decades in the most extreme environments.  These rifles receive meticulous attention in their development.  They are handmade  one at a time.

The legendary Double rifle is created by soldering the barrels on and off until both barrels achieve target perfection.  We have the privilege of working out this accuracy at the historical royal hunting grounds of the Castillo de Viñuelas. This castle and its surrounding have been the hunting grounds of all the kings and aristocracy of Europe. From Carlos V Roman Emperor in the 1500’s, who himself determined the legal limits of the hunting grounds at Viñuelas, passing then through the avid hunter King Felipe IV, to today’s Don Juan Carlos I King of Spain. They have all stalked on these same grounds quieting their souls while forging history along the way.

Once a LARM double rifle’s barrels have been trued in these historical hunting grounds the embellishment begins.  With engravings and layers of precious metals all as requested by the dreams of our clients.  LARM custom double rifles are made to work hard and to be cherished for generations for its beauty as much as for the stories of adventure created by each owner.


Imperial Deluxe