The LARM Take-Down is a beautiful and unique custom rifle. We are extremely proud of it’s design. It was created for the gentleman or lady of means who enjoys international hunts. Our Take-Down rifle is one bolt-action rifle, two barrels of a different caliber each, all in one attaché.  In order to have two different barrels that will match a single action and face bolt with exacting tolerances, this design requires hours of dedicated and focused craftsmanship.

The LARM Take-Down has the same great accuracy and safety as our other rifles, yet it requires absolutely no tools to assemble or exchange barrels. A true feat of engineering. If you’re looking for rifles that travel easy, the Take Down Rifle is the perfect choice. There are many possible combinations of calibers to choose from with the most common being the 375H&H and the 300WM. The whole set comes in a single elegant attaché allowing the gentleman or lady to travel with ease as he or she hunts new frontiers.


Imperial Deluxe