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Side by Side

General characteristics of LARM side by side shotguns, models Imperial and Imperial de Luxe:

The LARM shotguns are built with the highest quality steel that exists for weapons.

All the screws that support the adjustments and tensions during the shooting, have a double screw that acts as a prisoner, avoiding that the main screw can ever be loosened and guaranteeing that the shotgun always works with the same tensions, avoiding in future imbalances of parts or cracks in the stock.

The barrels are chopper lump (that is to say, one piece integral with the lugs) with an alloy of Chrome Nickel which allows to achieve a greater hardness and elasticity in the barrels.

The action body is made of forged steel, with safety valves for gases to exhaust.

The side locks, have double safety system and internal counter-screws.

Selective automatic ejectors.

Automatic opening style H & H.

Double triggering, articulated first trigger.

Very fine engravings entirely handmade, ornamental or Rose and Scroll.

Turkish walnut root stock, ****** exhibition grade. Selected among thousands of woods and simply dried with time in our facilities. All of them are registered and remain with us for a minimum of two years after having been acquired to guarantee their complete drying.

Gold oval for initials.

All shotguns include a custom leather case, with tools and a canvas cover.

The Imperial De Luxe model adds some design variants with respect to the Imperial model.

The Imperial De Luxe model allows us to make a different and exclusive gun.

The woods reach the maximum in beauty and quality with a grain that is incredible.

The customer can suggest the design of the engravings he would like on his gun. From his own image, to that of his dogs or hunting scenes, these are done entirely by hand using the technique of Bulino, inlays in gold etc.

Imperial model

Deluxe Imperial model

Over and under shotguns

General characteristics of LARM over & unther shotguns, models Imperial and Imperial de Luxe:

Our LARM shotguns are made with the best materials (steel and wood) that exist now days.

The barrels are demiblock, made of chrome nickel steel achieving the best results of hardness and elasticity.

They are manufactured in 410,28,20,16 and 12 gauge, with the length that the customer desires. Placing the Braely polichokes system is a option.

The chambers are conical, reducing 25% the recoil, which means that the oscillatory movement produced by the recoil of the shot is much smaller and does not destabilize our aim, being able to make the second shot faster and in better conditions.

The over & under LARM shotguns are made with extractable batteries. The whole battery (Springs, Hammers, trigger, ect.) is put together meticulously and refined. This mechanism has been tested with more than half a million shots without causing any failure when shooting pigeons in Argentina, far exceeding the hardness and reliability required for a weapon with these characteristics. All over & under LARM shotguns carry a spare battery, which can be exchanged for the original battery in a matter of seconds. This allows us to have other trigger pressures for other types of hunts with the most adverse weather or simply have it as a substitute for a “hypothetical” breakdown of the mechanism ensuring that we can always use the shotgun and not have to stop hunting.

Characteristics like this is what makes over & under LARM shotguns one hundred percent reliable, for exclusive clients who appreciate design, beauty and reliability when using the same gun.

All our stocks are made of Turkish walnut root exhibition grade( ******) previously selected and dried naturally in our facilities for at least two years after its purchase. Once they are dry, we always make sure that we can start working on them.

The difference between our model Imperial and Imperial Deluxe is small details and engravings. Our guns are one of one. The client decides what engravings he wants on his gun, from a scene to a portrait.

All LARM shotguns are hand over in a leather case custom made, itself covered by a canvas case.

Imperial model

Deluxe Imperial model