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dangerous hunting

Grizzly bear

We understand as dangerous hunting when it involves certain risks when it is practiced.

Normally everyone relates dangerous hunting to Africa and in a way this is true, although we can find other places where a hunter can be exposed to danger.

There are many types of hunting that can be dangerous and have nothing to do with African animals. For example, the hunting of the grizzly bear has a great risk, since this animal is very aggressive. The hunting of a white bear can be dangerous due to the habitat in which it is hunted and the risks that this hostile environment entails for any human being.

Other hunts such as Ibex, can also be dangerous because of the difficulty of the terrain and sometimes cause accidents that in some cases can be fatal due to the harsh conditions of the mountain. But as we said, most of the population relates dangerous hunting with African hunting and specially with the big five, these are, Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Rhinoceros and Brown Buffalo.

The hunting of the big five is the dream of any hunter although it is only available to a few. The hippopotamus is another of the African animals that causes more fatalities because it is very aggressive if it is out of the water. It is curious that this animal is not within the big five despite being very aggressive and can reach a weight of several tons, but that was a decision that was taken by the first professional hunters at the end of the nineteenth century.

For each hunt it is important to use the ideal caliber, this allows us to minimize the risks.

In mountain stalks, lightweight rifles with calibers that have a lot of sharpness and powerful sights are usually used, since shots are usually made at long distances.

As for the hunting of African animals, large calibers are often used and with a strong stop. It is very common to use Express rifles for the hunting of elephants and buffalos, since having two shots can help us when it comes to a dangerous load.

Hunting Lions with a bolt-action rifle is common, as well as Leopards or Bears.