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Side by Side

The side by side shotgun is the traditional shotgun par excellence and has been the favorite weapon of all hunters who have practiced the hunting mode.

Most of the hunters keep in their memory their first hunting sets and ninety percent of the time they will be related to a side by side shotgun.

Despite being in the XXI century and having available other types of shotguns more evolved for the sport of hunting, the side by side shotgun continues to have much acceptance.

What can this be because: It is difficult to reason, but hunting is based on feelings, experiences, tradition and endless sensations that are probably responsible for keeping this shotgun in the first place.

In Spain this shotgun are the most used in the form of partridge hunting. Used in pairs or trios according to the number of partridges that are thought to shoot down and always helped by a secretary. When you think of pairs or trios, this guns are exactly the same, have correlative numbers and they are made to measure of the hunter.

Side by side shotguns are still made by hand and using small tools to complete their adjustments.
The wood used is Walnut Root and depending on the quality of this, it will have a degree of value.
The engravings are also handmade, and have different styles, Rose & Scroll, to Fantasy or Classical Bullion.

Imperial model

Deluxe Imperial model

Over and under shotguns

LARM over & under shotguns introduce models Imperial and Imperial de Luxe:

General characteristics:

Our LARM shotguns are only made using the best materials (steel and wood) that exist now days.

The barrels are demiblock, made of chrome nickel steel achieving the best results of hardness and elasticity.

Our shot guns are manufactured in 410,28,20,16 and 12 gauges with the barrel length that customers desires. Barrels come with Fixed chokes and the option of lacing the Briely polichokes system within is fully available.

The barrel chambers are conical, reducing 25% the recoil, which means that the oscillatory movement produced by the recoil of the shot is much smaller and does not destabilize our aim, being able to make the second shot faster and in better conditions.

The over & under LARM shotguns are made with trigger plate lock mechanism system. This whole system (Springs, Hammers, trigger, ect.) is placed together meticulously and refined. This mechanism has been tested with more than half a million shots without causing any failure when shooting pigeons in Argentina, far exceeding the hardness and reliability required for a weapon with these characteristics.

All over & under LARM shotguns carry a spare trigger plate mechanism, which can be exchanged for the original in a matter of seconds without the need of any tool. This allows us to have different trigger pressures for other types of hunts with the most adverse weather or simply have it as a substitute for a “hypothetical” breakdown of the mechanism ensuring that we can always use the shotgun and not have to stop hunting.

These characteristics and technical specifications work up to the finest are what makes over & under LARM shotguns one hundred percent reliable. Only for exclusive shots who appreciate design, exclusivity, beauty and reliability within one unique shotgun.

Speaking about Wood for LARM Shot guns.

All our stocks are made of Turkish walnut root exhibition grade( ******) previously selected and dried naturally in our facilities for at least three years after its selection and purchase. We have at LARM manufacturing, specific tools to measure real wood humidity within the entire selected pieces.

This tool assures us about wood dryness status in order to know when we can began to work on your dream stock and forend.

Our two O&U shotgun models the Imperial and Imperial Deluxe do provide and guarantee the maximum quality materials and finest work to the end.

Our guns are always one of one.

Always searching for excellency and exclusivity on our works we offer the Imperial Deluxe model which allows our clients to archive unique finishing on techniques like the very finest Bulino engraving for which we offer spectacular and sophisticated very best quality to the classical roe and scroll or rose bouquet.  As a LARM client, you will be able to define and be part of the engraving work process to find your own design. Being it your hunt dogs, hunting scenes or any other images and scenes, you are willing to be engraved.

Gold and silver inserts in any part of the shot gun are also available at your request.

All LARM shotguns are hand over in a custom-made leather case, itself covered by a canvas case which provides longevity and extra protection.

Our shot gun cases are specifically hand made to your shot gun measures and its own tools and components and can be personalize to your very personal likes.

Imperial model

Deluxe Imperial model