Heritage of a tradition

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Álvaro Hernández Arribas is the heir of a Spanish family with a legacy of 100 years of family tradition as Master Gunmakers, which began at the end of the Victorian age.

Master Gun Maker for HRH Alfonso XIII. Here seen in the old Plaza del Conde de Barajas Shop in the 1940s.

The prestigious lineage of custom gun makers, began with Alvaro’s great-granduncle and father of Don Teodoro Ruiz. His talent as a custom gun maker was well known in Spain at the beginning of the 20th century. It is with him that the family begins in the world of gunmaking.

Don Teodoro spent his childhood watching his father repair weapons at the old family workshop, which was located in the Plaza del Conde de Barajas, in Madrid. At this early time in his career he had the fortune stage, he had the fortune to meet the Count of Barcelona, son of King Alfonso XIII, father of His Majesty Juan Carlos I, for whom he would eventually serve as a Master Gunmaker.

During the Spanish Civil War (1936 – 1939), Don Teodoro Ruiz was sent to the front to repair weapons. After which he returned to his craft and took his nephew Don Lorenzo Arribas under his wing and his apprenticeship began.

Master Gun Maker for HRH Juan Carlos I. Seen here hunting with his Majesty in 1970.

In 1972 Don Lorenzo Arribas, now a master Gunmaker in his own right, moved the family shop to a new address at el Paseo de la Castellana, Madrid. It is during this period that he created the most prestigious gun model in Spain, which was also of great renown in the rest of Europe. The gun model was known as “The Arribas-Model.” Today it is still a very sophisticated and luxurious Side-by-Side gun with assisted opening and Chromium-Nickel -Steel alloy barrels.

By 1977, the now famous Don Lorenzo Arribas was joined by his nephew Álvaro Hernández Arribas, who was then just fourteen years young.

For Álvaro Hernández Arribas, handcrafting guns and rifles, conversing with steel and wood is in his soul.

The family shop is now the LARM shop ( La Armeria de Madrid) at Infanta Maria Teresa ,15. This is where beautiful and elegant bespoke works of steel, wood and gold, have come to life. All designed for kings, presidents and successful people who share the common love of beauty and passion for the hunt.

HRH Juan Carlos 1, King of Spain, receiving his LARM Bespoke rifle from Master Gun Maker.