Our Process

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At LARM, we are exclusively dedicated to creating guns and rifles engineered for the rigorous demands of the professional hunter, while at the same time maintaining an aesthetic appeal of the highest quality, creativity and customization.

At LARM we are artisans but also dedicated big game hunters. Like you, we have met danger eye-to-eye and we know that in the field failure is not an option. While we strive for high aesthetics our philosophy demands that we use the best of materials available to mankind in order to create true hardcore reliable hunting guns and rifles. We always use high grade Turkish Walnut, select steel, match hammer-forged barrels, massive high-grade actions and triggers.

Aesthetics is our pleasure. At the clients request we can use rose gold, yellow gold, and or platinum. Our engraving styles have a huge range of possibilities from Rose & Scroll to Ornamental, from Fantasy to Classical Bullion.